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Handheld  Vibration Analyzers and Vibration Meters for Predictive Maintenance (PdM) • Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) • Troubleshooting. 

Laptop-Based Machine Balancing.  

VMM Handheld Vibration Multifunction Meters

Start with the handheld VMM vibration meter, then upgrade later to a full-featured VSA vibration analyzer! Includes Peaking™ metric,
 PC software for trending, more

VSA-3300 Vibration Spectrum Analyzers – rugged, handheld, easy to use

New rugged handheld vibration analyzer with longer battery life. Ideal for rugged environments – IP-65 rated – no separate rugged case needed. New Spectrum 2.0 offers new user tools for the handheld computer, simpler audio setup and use. 

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Level I and II Vibration Analysis

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Affordable Vibration Analysis


Vibration Analyzers and Meters
VSA-1214 Handheld Vibration Analyzer
VSA-1215 / VSA-1216 / VSA-1217 Handheld Vibration Analyzer Family
VSA-3314 / VSA-3315 / VSA-3317 / VSA-3318 Rugged Handheld Vibration Analyzer Family
VMM Vibration Meters – Handheld Vibration Multifunction Meters
VSA-1225 / VSA-1226 / VSA-1227 Vibration Analyzer – legacy
Vibration Acoustic Monitoring Packages
VAM Family
Vibration Software
Datastick Spectrum Handheld Software (Included with VSA)
Datastick Reporting System PC Software (Included with VSA)
Datastick InSpect Handheld and PC Software Suite (Optional with VSA, included with VMM)
DAART (Datastick Advanced Analysis and Reporting Toolkit) PC Software (Optional)
Balancing System
Signal Conditioning
Rugged Enclosures
Power Supplies / Batteries
10 Good Reasons
There are at least 10 reasons why Datastick vibration analyzers make it possible for more companies to increase reliability, reduce downtime, and save money with conditions-based maintenance.
Datastick Systems, Inc.

Datastick Systems, Inc. develops, manufactures, and sells affordable, high-performance, handheld instrumentation, specifically portable vibration analysis hardware and software. Datastick vibration analyzers are used for safety, quality, reliability, predictive maintenance, governmental, scientific, and environmental markets.

Fortune 500, Fortune 1000, and smaller companies using Datastick vibration analyzers include oil and gas, power generation, electric utilities, paper and pulp, water treatment, and manufacturers and users of pumps, fans, seals, motors, engines, and more.

All Datastick-branded hardware and software products are designed and made in the USA.

Protect the investment in your rotating and reciprocating machinery, prevent unscheduled downtime, and increase uptime with the exceptionally portable VSA vibration analyzer. Troubleshooting is fast and easy at the machine.


See Them In Action!
Video Demonstrations

VSA-1215 Handheld
Vibration Analyzer

BAL-2000 Balancer – Machine Balancing System

Handheld VSA-1200 Vibration
Spectrum Analyzers 

Datastick handheld VSA vibration analyzers are priced below comparable devices and you can learn them in a couple of hours, yet they have capabilities you would expect in analyzers costing many times as much. VSA-1200s are as accurate – and in several cases, more accurate – than those very costly portable vibration analyzers, and they weigh just 11 oz (0.31 kg)

  • Easy-to-use touchscreen
  • Virtually unlimited storage for your measurement data using SD cards
  • FFTs up to 3200 lines
  • Maximum frequency: 20 kHz 
  • Lowest minimum frequency available in portable vibration analyzers: Sub-Hz (less than 1 CPM) 
  • Detect resonance, unbalance/misalignment, bearing faults, and much more
  • Email measurement files to and from the handheld computer using Datastick Mail or your browser-based email
  • Post charts to your website directly from the handheld computer
  • Lowest noise floor in the industry among portable vibration analyzers
  • Includes all the benefits of a handheld computer 

With the VSA vibration analyzer, you don't need as much vibration expertise at your site to avoid unscheduled breakdowns. That’s because of Datastick Spectrum software for the handheld computer – amazingly easy to use and fast to learn – and allows you to do analysis at the machine using the touchscreen. 

Also, the included Datastick Reporting System DRS PC software is compatible with Microsoft Excel – not proprietary software – making it easy to create Microsoft Office reports, post to the web, and share data with consultants and colleagues.

VSA-1200 Vibration Spectrum Analyzer Models: Choose the VSA-1214 vibration analyzer for solid value in entry-level applications. The VSA-1215 is the most popular model of vibration analyzer. The VSA-1217 adds displacement input and supports ICP-type pressure sensors, and impact or bump testing for resonance. All VSA-1200s have a rotating screen for a wide view. All packages come with a soft PC-1 Protective Case; an optional RC-5 Rugged Enclosure for added protection from rough handling and the environment is available.

A customer speaks: "I’ve been in the vibration business for 30 years. For a long time I have hoped for a piece of equipment that would replace the heavy, hard-to-use box I had used for all those years. Now I have it. The Datastick VSA-1215 Vibration Analyzer is awesome. It’s small and light, very user-friendly, and lets me perform very detailed analysis." – Joseph Niziolek, owner, New Jersey Balancing, Inc.

Machine Balancing Made Easy and Affordable

Out-of-balance equipment can bring your production to a halt. Datastick's BAL-2000™ compact, light-weight laptop-based one- or two-plane field balancing system makes it easy to get your equipment balanced and going.

  • USB-powered
  • Includes phase-reference laser tachometer
  • Adjustable low-pass filter

Advanced Vibration Analysis Software on your PC

DAART™ (Datastick Advanced Analysis and Reporting Toolkit) PC software for vibration analysis is the next best thing to taking the machine apart to see how it's operating.

DAART's advanced features — Sharpener,Peaking,™ and Impact Factor™ — help vibration experts perform precise vibration analysis to get at the root cause of machine vibration with ease and certainty.

Datastick Peaking and Impact Factor – find out why we think they are better than PeakVue,* Crest Factor,* Spike Energy* and other metrics for early warning of bearing faults.

Why vibration analysis? A vibration analyzer is the single best tool for the maintenance and reliability professional to predict possible breakdowns of your reciprocating and rotating machinery. Predicting enables you to plan when you need to take your equipment offline for repairs. This means that you are getting the most use uptime of your equipment, and protect the investment in your assets by handling needed repairs before an unexpected breakdown occurs. Predictive Maintenance (PdM), Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM), and Condition Monitoring save money and time, and can prevent damage to your equipment. Protect the investment in your equipment by scheduling repair actions. Don't be surprised by sudden, unexpected breakdowns and their costly consequences. Have greater certainty on the condition of your machinery.

It's All About Return on Investment

The fact is, you are doing this for your health — your facility's machine health relates directly to your financial health. Here are some things to consider. . .

A customer speaks: "We’re very happy that we can do analysis right at the machine, since the Datastick vibration analyzer shows full spectrums and alarms. Even if you’re not at your computer with the measurement files downloaded, you can still do analysis with the vibration unit itself!"  – Alex Puentes, Reliability Engineering Manager, Prairie Packaging, Pactiv Corp.

BAL-2000 Field Balancing Machine

Inspection Routes in a Snap

Datastick InSpect™ makes it easy to set up an inspection route on your PC, download it to a VSA-Series vibration analyzer, and upload the collected data to the PC. Running an inspection route is as easy as pressing the NEXT button. Datastick InSpect is also the primary software used in the VMM Vibration Multifunction Meter.

InSpect makes inspection routes easy
Just getting started? Budget constraints? Check out the handheld VMM Vibration Multifunction Meter – the most versatile and complete vibration meter available. With this meter, you can get started now, and upgrade later to a full-featured spectrum analyzer. It grows with you! Priced to fit in your tools budget.